ThisOneis for all.
Who is

ThisOne is a powerful web3 project hub established to gather creators, artists, collectors and professionals together. We build vision and stories together.

We believe in people and ideas. We want to be involved in an idea/project that we are fascinated by. We want to add value to that idea/project. We want to make a difference.

We believe that our strength comes from the years of experience of our team and our passion for creating. ThisOne was founded with inclusivity in mind. Our team composes different skill sets, experiences, backgrounds, and proficiencies. Additionally, ThisOne brings brands together and creates unique and influential partnerships. We believe in the power of teamwork and intelligence.

That’s why we are calling it ThisOne. ThisOne is for all.

What doesThisOne do?
OurCreative Hub
  • NFT Projects
  • GameFi
  • DeFi
OurPartnership Hub
  • Fund & Investment
  • Strategy & Long-term Planning
  • PR & Marketing
Our Partnersand Brands

We are honored to partner with JPGstore on our journey to represent our brand ThisOne in the Cardano network. We aim to bring users from other networks to the Cardano ecosystem through accomplished projects and investments. We believe that publishing our technological infrastructure and digital creations on JPGstore will make us stronger in the future.

Matte Gaming

Founded in 2018, Matte Gaming has made a remarkable debut in the gaming industry with its experienced team in Hyper Casual games. Matte Gaming has achieved extraordinary success by publishing two games with the international game publisher Voodoo.

Matte Gaming continues to develop and publish games actively by keeping the gamers in mind and following the gaming industry trends with its vision of quality over quantity; however, following the technological developments closely, it has also dipped its toes into the Blockchain- Gaming field.


The first product of NAIA, ThisOne's journey into artificial intelligence and machine learning. NAIA is an AI-based web3 projects generation technology transforming keywords into visual art pieces.

Sinar Inisiyatif Tech

Experienced in software development for more than 25 years, Sinar İnisiyatif Tech is a modern software agency creating custom projects and self-publishing applications based on market trends.


Thanks to Sinar İnisiyatif Tech’s experience, which has made a difference in the sector with its focus on artificial intelligence in recent years and its investments in this field, we can develop the technology infrastructure of your new gen web3 project/brand by comprehending your needs and market dynamics to accomplish more dreams and build the future together.


Matte-Studio is a highly productive and creative post-production studio. Founded by one of the most accomplished photographers, having more than 20 years of experience, Matte-Studio has broadened its portfolio to the global market and brands over the years.

Some of the brands that Matte-Studio has worked with are: Mercedes, BMW, Jeep, Ford, Renault, Hyundai, Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Vodafone, Turkcell.

Thanks to Matte-Studio’s experience, we can create the branding of your new gen web3 project/brand by understanding the trends, your needs and market dynamics.

You can check the portfolio via Matte’s website.

REN Union

Founded in 2015, Ren Union was Turkey’s first Digital Marketing & Gamification Agency. From performance marketing to marketing strategy, REN Union focuses on creating tailor-made plans for its customers. Ren has joined forces with ThisOne since the beginning of 2022 to develop effective marketing strategies for web3 projects.

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Partner Projects
Premium Pass
ThisOne Premium Pass

Premium Pass is a privilege pass created by web3 studio ThisOne to bring together the best equipped ALPHA group in the Cardano network. Here are some of the privileges we offer you in this group, where we aim to develop various tools to protect and further the investments of pass holders.

Enhanced multi-crosschain token acquisition for Premium Pass Holders to be included in the ThisOne ecosystem.

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